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How to Download and Use Psiphon Pro v347 APK + MOD for Free Internet

How to Download and Use Psiphon Pro v347 APK + MOD for Free Internet

The Internet is the main need for smartphone users, including Android smartphones. In Indonesia, we have to buy a data package to be able to connect to an internet connection.  The price also varies, but it is still said to be quite expensive when compared to other countries. 

For example, you can see the price list of internet packages in Indonesia that Jaka has written here.  Well, continue how do you for those who are urgent need the internet? Calm down! Jaka will tell you how to use the Psiphon Pro application for free internet. What is Psiphon Pro? Check out jaka's review below!

What is Psiphon Pro? 

An application that can be used for free internet is Psiphon or also commonly known as Psiphon Pro. The app works by exploiting bugs from specific mobile operators.  In addition, as one of the best VPN applications for Android phones, Psiphon Pro is also known to be able to open various sites blocked by the Government.  Interestingly, this application is able to increase the internet speed in your phone. The sensation of playing games or surfing the internet at high speed is also very possible! 

Terms of Using Psiphon Pro Application

Well it turns out that Jaka just knew that not all mobile operators can use Psiphon Pro. In addition, as the main condition, you must make sure that your Android phone is rooted.  This is very important to do because Psiphon Pro itself utilizes existing bugs from your mobile operator. This method is also done to increase the effectiveness of the Psiphon Pro application on your Android phone.  If not, you can use a series of the best Android root applications on this Jaka site. But be careful, too often root your HP can have a bad impact, loh!

How to Use Psiphon Pro for Free Internet

If it has been rooted, Jaka will tell you how to use or activate Psiphon Pro for your Android phone with Telkomsel, Xl or Axis providers, Indosat, Smartfren, up to 3. Well watched!

  • Make sure the Credit Is Completely Empty Download the Psiphon Pro app on This (check the link) 
  • Open Psiphon Pro Select the Start option at the bottom left. 
  • Select Tunnel Whole Device, and then allow app access on your phone. 
  • Go to the Options feature after the IP Address notification, country, and city are used. Tap More Options. 
  • Scroll down until you find the Proxy Settings column. Check Connect through an HTTP Proxy, select Use system network settings.

Finish! That's how to use Psiphon Pro. Later you will find the look as below.  You can access the internet freely and of course you can open various sites.

Download HERE

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