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SSH VS VPN  Which is the best?

SSH VS VPN Which is the best?

The main difference between an SSH and a VPN is that an SSH works on an application level, while a VPN protects all of your internet data. In the SSH vs. VPN debate, the latter is more secure and easier to set up.



  • Easier to set up on a server level;
  • Encrypts your data and can protect you from attacks like DNS or IP address spoofing, IP source rooting, and data theft;
  • Easier hosting control. As SSH supports remote server control, webmasters prefer SSH as a way to manage accounts on web servers;
  • Easy permission and password sharing management.


  • Difficult to set up for inexperienced users;
  • Encrypts applications rather than the whole traffic coming from your device. That means you have to configure each application separately for the SSH tunnel. A VPN, on the other hand, will automatically assure that all your traffic is encrypted so you don’t need to set up encryption for specific apps.



  • A VPN automatically encrypts all the traffic coming from your device or the whole network (if you implement it on the router level);
  • Premium VPN services allow you to easily choose a server from a wide range of locations worldwide. So you can easily change your virtual location by connecting to one of those;
  • VPNs are accessible to inexperienced users. A good VPN can change your IP and encrypt your traffic with a single click. NordVPN also has the handy Quick Connect button, which automatically finds the best server for you;
  • Legitimate companies operate premium VPNs, so there is more transparency, and you usually have customer service in case you need assistance.


  • Harder to set up on a server level;
  • Some free VPNs are unreliable. They can collect your data, pass it to advertisers or other third parties, and may not provide strong encryption.


While SSH tunneling has some benefits, a VPN clearly wins for an average user. Premium services like NordVPN offer high-quality encryption, accessibility, and a wide range of servers.

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